China coal

Electric Power Cement Mortar Spraying Paint Machine

Power: 800W/220V

Flow: 0-10L/min

Size of the material: no larger than 2mm

Speed: 0-1200 rpm

Construction Machine Cement Mortar Spraying Machine

Power: 800w/220v

Flow: 1-10L(1/min)

Size of the material: Less than 2mm

Speed: 0-1200(RPM)

Mortar Automatic Spraying Cement Mortar Sprayer Machine

Power: 7.5kw

Voltage: 380v

Input pressure: 6Mpa

pipe diameter: 32mm

Cement Mortar Sprayer Machine Wall Mortar Sprayer

Power : 7.5kw

Voltage: 380v

Input pressure : 6Mpa

pipe diameter: 32mm

Mortar Spraying Machine Putty Plater Wall Spraying Machine

Power :7.5kw

Voltage :380v

Input pressure : 4Mpa

pipe diameter: 32mm

Mortar Spraying Machine

Power: 4kw

Voltage : 220v/380v

Input pressure : 3Mpa

pipe diameter: 25mm