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Main Factors Affecting Compaction Effect Of Road Roller

The main factors affecting the compaction effect of vibratory road roller are static line load, amplitude and frequency, rolling speed and rolling times, width and diameter of vibratory wheel, number of vibratory wheels and driving form, and mass ratio of frame and vibratory wheel. The most important factors are static line load, amplitude and frequency.

1. Road Roller Working quality: the mass of the whole machine after filling up the roller oil and water and sitting on a driver of about 60kg.

2. Road Roller Static line load: the load per unit length on the compaction wheel.

Like other road rollers, the main factors that affect the compaction effect are the working quality and static line load of the roller itself. With other parameters unchanged, the static and dynamic pressure exerted on the compacted material layer is directly proportional to the working quality. The test shows that the compaction influence depth of the vibratory roller is approximately proportional to the mass of the vibratory wheel. Generally, if the static line load is doubled, the impact depth of compaction can also be doubled.

3. Road Roller Amplitude: the working amplitude of vibratory roller is affected by the rigidity of soil. The same vibratory roller works under different soil stiffness conditions, and its working amplitude is also different. The greater the stiffness of the soil, the greater the working amplitude of the vibratory roller. Since the rigidity of the compacted soil is a random parameter, the working amplitude of the vibratory roller is also a random parameter.

In order to facilitate design and comparison, the concept of "nominal amplitude" is introduced. The so-called "nominal amplitude" refers to the vibration wheel amplitude measured when the vibration wheel is suspended after the vibratory road roller is erected with a jack or other support. Therefore, the nominal amplitude is also called the no-load amplitude. With the concept of nominal amplitude, people can compare the amplitude of two different vibratory rollers without being disturbed by external factors. The working amplitude of the vibratory roller refers to the actual amplitude of the vibratory roller during the actual working time.

The road roller produced by our company is exquisite in shape, compact in structure and small in volume, which can be used for all-wheel drive in compaction operation in narrow areas, with strong climbing ability; The CF186F vertical direct-injection air-cooled engine is adopted, and there are two sets of starting devices: electric starting and manual starting; With guide wheel and operating rod, steering is labor-saving, and operation is comfortable and convenient; Hydraulic travel adopts imported travel pump and travel motor with stepless speed change.

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