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China Coal Group Sent A Variety of Mining And Construction Machinery Products To Yunnan, Jiangsu And Inner Mongolia

On May 27th, China Coal Group's industrial park continued to show vigorous vitality, with rows of large transport vehicles loaded with carefully manufactured small excavators and high-performance stationary mining trucks slowly driving out of the factory gates, with their destinations reaching as far as the east and west of the motherland and the north and west of the motherland: Yunnan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, which will provide strong power for the resource mining, infrastructure and livelihood projects in a number of regions in China.

This journey across thousands of miles is not only a simple flow of machinery and equipment, but also a microcosm of China Coal Group's participation in the construction of the motherland with practical actions. Behind every step forward is the result of the night and day efforts of China Coal's research and development personnel and technical workers. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, they are meticulous about their products and strive for perfection. From the position of small screws to the power output of the engine, all of them reflect the almost harsh requirements of China Coal for quality. It is this persistence and pursuit of excellence that makes China Coal Group's products win a wide reputation in the market and help key projects and constructions all over the world.

This shipment is not only a response to the market demand, but also an important significance to promote the regional economic development. Small excavator with its small and flexible characteristics suitable for narrow terrain operation, greatly improving the operating efficiency in the space-restricted areas; and stationary mining trucks are indispensable in the field of mine transportation, its stable performance and strong carrying capacity will undoubtedly further accelerate the effective development of local resources. With the arrival of this batch of high-efficiency machines, it is predicted that the construction projects in Yunnan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and other places will be strongly supported in the coming period.

Looking back to the past and looking forward to the future - every successful shipment of China Coal Group is a new starting point. Nowadays, with honor and mission, China Coal Group will continue to move forward and create more high-quality equipments that meet the needs of the times, adding constant vitality to China's and even the world's basic industry. Just like the steel torrent transported across provinces, China Coal Group will write its own brilliant chapter with solid steps!

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