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Construction Engineering Cement Plaster Spraying Machine

Cement plaster spraying machine is suitable for spraying mortar on external walls in the construction industry, mortar spraying for external wall insulation materials, mortar brushing, spraying of refractory materials, spraying of large-area fireproof materials for buildings, and spraying of waterproofing agents. Cement plaster spraying machine products are mainly used in building interior and exterior walls, cement plaster spraying machine, exterior wall insulation material spraying, and refractory spraying.

        The cement plaster spraying machine adopts advanced screw pressurization technology, which can spray fireproof materials, refractory materials, mortar spraying machines, and the mortar spraying that is not affected by the region, environmental environment and spraying surface shape has an excellent quality level and manual Compared with the cement mortar spraying machine, the powder wall plastering and the previous powder wall machines on the market have the following advantages:
       1. The cement plaster spraying machine basically has no floor ash, saves water and materials, and can reduce the cost by more than 20%.
       2. The operation of the cement plaster spraying machine is simple, no need to set up a scaffold, no need to move the equipment, it can be turned on and off at will, no need to repair the stubble, the male and female corners, and the roof can be sprayed freely, shortening the construction period, improving the schedule, and saving Expenditure on the cost of frame materials.

3. The cement plaster spraying machine has fast speed, high efficiency and low labor intensity. A single head mortar spraying machine can easily spray 150 square meters per hour. Excluding preparation time, it can spray more than 1000 square meters after working for 8 hours a day.

Construction Engineering Cement Plaster Spraying Machine

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